The help I provide

Logo for page outlining examples of the help that Steve Smythe Consulting provides to charities

NHS Confederation were facing a period of considerable change as a result of the coalition government's plans to re-organise the National Health Service.

I helped them develop a new IT strategy to support their future requirements, including making recommendations on whether to retain their in-house IT provision or move to a "cloud-based" model.

Institute of Physics were dissatisfied with their current finance system and wanted to review their options for change. I helped them document their requirements and evaluate the options (which included retaining and upgrading their existing system). I then helped them prepare an ITT which was sent to a number of suppliers and helped them plan the selection and implementation process.

I reviewed the IT infrastructure and support arrangements. This resulted in more resilient and scalable arrangements and provided a solid platform for future growth as well as increased online activities to support internal and external communications. Following the review, Girlguiding UK asked me to manage the selection of a suitable company to host and support their key membership management systems.

I carried out a review of the information and communications infrastructure at the Cowley Street headquarters of the Liberal Democrat party. Following my review, the party was able to implement my recommendations and successfully put new arrangements in place in time for the General Election in May 2010.

Tommy’s had been using Sage accounts, but found that it did not provide the range of statutory and management reports they needed.

I helped Tommy’s document their finance system requirements, prepared an ITT and suggested a shortlist of potential systems. I then helped with the selection process and sat in on the demonstrations so that I could offer impartial advice.
Walsingham supports the housing needs of people with learning difficulties. They asked me to carry out a review of their IT security, to assess whether the current policies, procedures and actual practice there were in line with best practice and to identify any shortcomings and areas for improvement.

I made a number of recommendations all of which were accepted.

Salvation Army
I was asked by the Chief Information Officer to carry out a review of their IT strategy. I identified a number of areas for improvement and investment, and helped support the case to trustees for increased funding for the department.

Council for World Mission were concerned to establish whether their policies and practice around Data Protection were compliant with legislation and industry standards.

My findings and recommendations were all accepted by their audit committee.

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